Is a brush gun just a rifle that handles well in thick brush, or is it also better at shooting through brush? And why are brush guns so often associated with lever action rifles? Those are the questions we’re tackling today as we continue our

Hey everybody, I am Gun Master from A few days ago, my buddy Chuck Haggard posted some pictures from a hunting trip. He took a nice doe with his AR-15 and some .223 Speer Gold Dot. When he fired,


he was sure it was a solid heart/lung shot, but it turned out the bullet went high and it was actually a spine shot. It dropped the deer, but that’s not really ideal shot placement.

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Chuck is a great shooter and an experienced hunter. (He’s also an excellent personal defense instructor, by the way. You can look him up at Agile Tactical.) Chuck’s taken seven other deer with this gun and ammo combo. So it seems pretty unlikely that he just missed his intended aiming point by that much. Upon further investigation, it turns out the bullet clipped this little dried out sunflower stalk on its way to the deer and that’s what knocked it off target.